• A frame house is a very good way to get some dwelling especially for those who are in a hurry. However, it is worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this technology to maximize the benefits and eliminate defects.


    Prons of timber frame technology


    Speaking of the advantages, it is first of all necessary to mention about the short construction time. The building usually takes about three months. In addition, timber framed houses are characterized by very good thermal protection of the house, that is difficult to obtain at similar cost in other technologies. Importantly, the house has a small weight thanks to which its foundation is cheaper, also transporting materials for construction on the site is less expensive.


    What's wrong then?


    First of all, this technology is not very widespread. This is a serious drawback, because it is a way of building requiring a very good knowledge of its principles, and this means that the company must be very specialized. In addition, you must have a very high quality raw material, because the material not prepared in a proper way will not be good enough to build in this way. That's why the building of framed house can finish as a disaster if the supplied material is not of high quality.

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